Spirit Foundation

Our mission is to create accessibility for children to participate in 
multisport with the view that education, fun and exercise in a safe 
environment creates conditions for a healthy life.

Established to provide accessibility to sport for children and to celebrate the joy of exercise, which brings many benefits.
The Foundation aims to help as many children as possible to gain access to sports, especially multisport, to experience the pleasures of exercise Sport is a good life school, helping to overcome everyday obstacles and to solve problems.

Supported by athletes who have reached the peak in triathlon and are committed to improving child health through encouraging participation in sport.
Every successful athlete was supported by a community of people passionate about sport. These athletes are committed to “giving back”.

Funds raised are 100% invested in providing training opportunities for children.
Funds generated from the events are directed back to the local triathlon clubs organising the event, to be used 1:1 to offer children regular training sessions, promoting access to sports and supporting young people in the long term.